The Inside Scoop

Hi, it’s been a while since my last post, but I wanted to let you know that I am getting excited since the house is very close to completion. We’ve finally got to move on to the fun part of our project. At least, it’s fun for me. We have started working on the interiors of the house and we are very close to finishing the whole project. This project is what we refer to as our “farm house”. From the get go, it was planned to be a “weekend” house. Somewhere fun for the family to go during school breaks and on weekends while we grow a few crops and raise a few animals. I know nothing about either, but am willing to learn. Even with that plan in mind, I have realized that the house is not quite as roomy as I would like. The bedrooms are good sized, but the whole house lacks storage space, a must for a pack-rat like me.

By using clever storage solutions, I’m hoping to turn those small spaces into large usable spaces. One idea I’m trying that I found in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, is having the electrician install an outlet in the linen closet of the mud room. That makes a great place for a charging station. This will give us one central place in the house where everyone can recharge their electronic devices. I can’t stand seeing all of those charger plugs and cords scattered throughout the house. Problem solved!


I’m also going to use the door of the linen closet and transform it into an area that will act as a command center. A central place for mail, important papers, grocery list,  and a place where I’ll be able to display awesome artwork from my young inspiring artist, (instead of all over my refrigerator). Hopefully this “command center” will help keep me organized as well. See my tab at the top of web page titled “Front Porch” for all the details on how to create your own center.


Example of DIY Command Center

The main goal for this house is to keep it as simple as possible and create a farm-like feel without getting too catchy; using items that are vintage or patina will really help me pull this look off. Kitchen cabinets go in first of next week. I’m a little nervous. I went for a completely different look then I’m used to – all black cabinets with white Carrera marble counter tops. Using two extra large lantern fixtures over the kitchen island, instead of the traditional 3 smaller fixtures, will help set off the large scale size.


Example of black kitchen cabinets



In order to achieve extra storage, I’m going to use furniture that can do double duty and provide extra storage. I plan on using an ottoman in the T.V. room and a bench at the dining room table, both of which have tops that lift up for storage. When time allowed, I’ve been going to antique shops.  Here are a few items that I’ve already picked up.


Antique bench for the dining table


Headboard made from two antique doors. I love the look.


I picked up one of these old authentic wine barrels. Thought it would make a fun end table for the outdoor porch.