Why are country dirt roads…well umh, so dirty?

post3This is a picture of the back road to our property. For years, we have been driving back and forth to take care of the horses at the farm or tend to the property.  Driving the back roads to get there has taken more of a toll on my car more than I’ve realized.  The front tires are all out of alignment and I constantly have mud dried to the bottom of my car. The car is really not that old, only by a few years, but you wouldn’t believe the small fortune I’ve spent on car washes and detailing and there is still always a few layers of dust covering the front dash-board.

Even so, I have to admit there is something about an old winding dirt road that is so inviting. Have you ever driven down an old highway and seen a very long wooded drive way so obscure that you can’t see all the way down it? The mystery of what is at the end of that long driveway just drives your curiosity crazy. At least it does mine and I find them to be intriguing. Having it clearly marked “Private Property. No Trespassing” makes it even more alluring, don’t you think?  “C’mon people, what are you hiding?  What don’t you want us to see?”   Those are the things I shout in the car with all the windows rolled up.  Never said I was that brave, wouldn’t want to risk them actually hearing me and thinking that I was some type of nosey neighbor.  That would be the furthest from the truth, but I sure wouldn’t mind it a bit if they wanted to invite me down that long winding driveway to come sit a spell on their porch and sip iced tea.

For a long time now, when trying to give anyone directions to our farm, post2we always start off by saying, “take a right and drive the paved road until it turns to a dirt road, stay on the dirt road and drive about another mile and our property is to your left”. Dirt roads are very common for country living, I guess. It wasn’t until the first of this month that the county finally decided to at least gravel our road. I didn’t know that I could get so excited about a little gravel but it made a huge difference. My car still stays dusty and muddy but since the road was improved you can actually make out the paint color in some spots and I don’t mind.

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgivings and there is always lots to do to prepare for such a sizable meal.  I, too, like so many of you are probably getting up early to kick off the preparations needed to cook this feast.  There will be chopping, sauteing, boiling and baking….oh! my!  It is all a race against time from the minute you wake up until the time the entire family finally sits down to eat.  At that point, what ever didn’t get cooked just gets left off the menu and I say, Let’s all enjoy and Eat Up!


This meal was Not cooked by me. I only wish mine looked this good.

Because this isn’t just a normal meal to be scarfed down, oh, no.  This meal is more of an event where everyone should enjoy the company, the conversation and all the good cooked dishes.   Ignore the fact that you probably didn’t get to sit where you wanted, or that while sitting at this crowded table you are having to straddle the table leg and are forced to sit in mix matched chairs that are so uncomfortable that people only pull them out once a year.  Overlook the fact that uncle Earl will not stop talking long enough for you to ask him to, “please pass the gravy,”  before it’s all gone, or that great-aunt Rose was late again, so you have to rehash all the table talk she missed so you can catch her up.  And, again (just like last year) they run out of forks and you are forced to eat your entire meal with only a spoon.  Simply smile and know that this “event” only happens once a year and try to enjoy yourself.  It all makes for some really great memories!

With the holidays approaching, that only means one thing to my family.  We are now starting to count the weeks, not months, until the completion of our farmhouse.  There is so much more for me to do as far as selecting finishes, paints, fabrics, you name it.  We really need to be in the house by the end of the year.  My anxiety is growing, but I will keep you updated on the progress.  Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.