Back on track!


farmaaGlad to say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! We seem to have gotten back on track with the building of our farm house and are making progress. Once we lost our contractor so unexpectedly, we had no choice but to pick up where the work stopped and put the pieces back together. My husband and I have had to find our own subcontractors and make many necessary decisions to get this house done. Yes, we have even done some of the work ourselves. We are really hoping to complete it by the end of February.roompaint

My biggest stress maker so far has been the selection of paint colors. That by itself is a very daunting task but everyone (husband, the painter and others) were trying to rush me through the process.  I tried to get them to understand that many elements come into play when making color choices. As an interior designer, I knew color schemes for exteriors must be based on the choices of colors that already exist. It’s important to consider the roof color and any brick color.  Just as important, you must consider colors in the surrounding landscape. That’s a lot to consider and I didn’t want to make the paint choice too quickly.

When trying to select the exterior colors, I quickly decided on earth toned colors, rustic and natural, more on the muted side of the spectrum than the brighter one. I needed to pick three colors: main body of the house, trim color and accent color. With all the columns and railings that come with our wrap around porch, I decided a soft white color was best for those plus the trim on the soffits and rest of the house. That left the decision for the main body of the house. Look at the following color scheme that I fell in love with. It is part of the Sherwin Williams’ color group called, Chrysalis.  Let me know what you think and if anyone out there right now is also painting the exterior of their home, give me your thoughts.


sherwin williams image

Here is another Sherwin Williams’ color scheme with very similar hues. I like  them all and think they could work well for exterior colors as well as possible interior paint options in the house; which is my next hurdle to take on.


sherwin williams image

After a lot of stressing and over-thinking (something I’m known for), I’ve decided the main body of the house will be Sherwin Williams’ color “Willow Tree”. Decorator’s White will be used for the columns and railings. Unfortunately, I am still stumped on an accent color. I’ll have to mull that one over for a while! However, I am excited that I decided to be a little edgy and paint my husband’s office (which is separate from the main house) a different but complimentary color.  I chose Sherwin Williams’ “Homburg Gray”.  To be honest, I was a wee bit disappointed that this color didn’t come out a tinge greener; however, it’s done (not to mention, my husband said we weren’t paying to have it repainted). So, I have decided to love it!


Do you like the custom front door?



Husband’s office, painted a different color