A Splash of Fall Color!


With Autumn approaching, temperatures will begin dropping and Mother Nature’s colors will start to fade. One of my favorite ways to add fast and easy color back into my scenery is to use container gardens. You don’t need a large yard, or any yard at all to create beautiful vistas with potted plants. Using containers for your plants allows them to be portable so you can move them wherever you want an extra splash of color.  Use them for a dramatic punch flanking your front entrance or for dressing up your porches and patios.   You can even incorporate them into your outdoor parties.

The first step is selecting the perfect container.  Basically, anything that can hold soil can be used; however, the most important thing is having holes for drainage. To ensure the holes don’t get blocked, you can place broken clay pots, stones or pea gravel to the pot before adding your soil.

farm 017Selecting your container is your personal preference, but make sure the pot is large enough to allow for root growth.  Some of my favorites are large urns, glazed pots, cedar boxes, strawberry pots or even a garden box on a plant stand.pot2

I enjoy making a container garden and decided to make one for my porch.  I opted for a large pot and added broken pieces of a clay pot to the bottom for drainage. Next, I gathered several plants and laid them out to decide which colors blended well.  You should play with all types of foliage; green leaf colors, bloom colors and grasses. Have fun with it and first arrange the plants in several combinations until you achieve the look your want.

pot3  pot2 (2)pot99


I placed an old curly twig and Purple Fountain Grass for height in the center.  Next, I mixed Red Pentas with Mexican Petunias, Biloxi Blue Verbena and pastel colored Calibrachoa.  Tucking in purple-tipped Romain Lettuce added more shades of Fall color.  Give container gardening a try and I think you’ll find it great fun.