Hi, I’m Dona.  Being new to blogging, I’ve just become brave enough to venture into the unknown bloggersphere.  My hope is that my blog will inspire others to slow down and live the life they want to live.  Sit under a shade tree and just enjoy the breeze even for a short time before delving back into your rushed life.

Recently, my husband and I decided to move farther away from the city and embrace farm living.  While discussing that possibility, the theme song to Green Acres suddenly popped into my mind:  “Goodbye city life, farm livin’ is the life for me”.  My first thought was “no way” but then after mulling it over, the idea began to appeal to me.  I’ve been ready for a change and maybe this was it.    We will see…..

My formal education is in interior design and I have worked in the design field for over 20 years.  I have an appreciation for art and a love for imported fine fabrics, upholstery and linens (you know the kind that are just ridiculously priced so you only can afford a yard of it.  But they’re worth it!)  I’m also one of those people who collects every home decor magazine and earmarks all the pages.  No southern lady can live without her monthly subscription to Southern Living magazine.   I have several boxes filled with nothing but ripped out magazine articles and old magazines that I tell my husband never to touch and swear to him that, “Yes dear, one day I will read them all”.

I have a passion for interior design and a huge love for color, texture and pattern.  What better place to embrace all three than in the great outdoors where nature provides them all.  I am excited that this move will allow me to more deeply explore and grow in creativity.

In this blog I hope to share with you other things I enjoy including cooking, craft projects, gardening, design inspirations and how-to tips.

donabio2 Me in a nutshell!

∗  Doing things on impulse doesn’t appeal to me.  I have to plan everything out down to the last detail.  Not sure, but this may be a trait that irritates my family.  

*   I’m a huge list maker.  Note pads are scattered around my house so I can jot down additions to my grocery list, chore list, weekend plans and goals.  I make pretty much anything into list.

∗  I tend to over think things.  Pretty much on any subject.  But, I usually go with my first thought.

∗ Throwing a great party is one of my favorite activities.  As long as everyone is having fun then I’m happy.

∗ One of my least favorite things to do is stopping at a gas station. I will drive for miles on fumes until I’m just forced to stop and then relentlessly pump gas.

∗ I hate chaos and crave order, striving to have everything run smoothly, but more often I just surrender and go with the flow.


M.L. crabbing

∗ Living on the Gulf Coast, we often catch blue crabs then have a big family crab boils.  I’ve also been known to make a mean seafood gumbo. However, if my day is super busy I can always live on Pop Tarts. (pic to left; crabbing with daughter M.L.)


∗ I enjoy sitting on the front porch drinking a good glass of wine or a yummy cocktail with friends and talking for hours.

∗ Bugs really creep me out but I have to pretend to be a superhero in front of my kids and stamp out the critters for the safety of mankind while I secretly cringe in disgust.

∗ I’ve been called a dreamer, but I still believe you can achieve anything (within reason) as long as you work really hard, have persistence and lots and lots of patience .  I think we all need to do more of what makes us happy!

Just as important, I have realized that life is ever-changing and full of adventures whether you are ready for them or not.  You can either get on-board or sit on the porch and miss the fun.  As for me, this southern gal does love a good adventure!


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