I love them..I love them not


If you’ve ever driven down a Southern Interstate Highway and your windshield  suddenly became covered with a goo so thick that seeing became harder and harder, well then you know Autumn must be coming soon.  Welcome to the South in September!

The goo I’m referring to is actually the end result of a swarm of “Love Bugs” so-called strange little insects that come out in droves this time of the year.

According to the encyclopedia, no insect is actually named “Love Bug”; rather, they are part of the fly family. These bugs are not harmful in any way. They don’t bite or sting but they are a pain in the neck.


Autumn is their mating season. That is why they got their name and appear to have two heads. Down south, it’s not unusual to see bug-encrusted bumpers and windshields full of unfortunate insects that got in the way of the automobiles.  I honestly think they are actually drawn to the heat from the vehicle, because the bugs are like magnets to your car.

The splattered insects on my windshield are quite a nuisance. Unfortunately, I can’t just wash them off with a rinse from my windshield wipers. In fact, I have to get out the old bucket full of suds and give the entire car a good hard scrub with extra elbow grease. You can’t leave the smooshed love bugs on your car. The acid in their bodies can actually eat the paint right off your car.

Heck, those pesky “love bugs” should be called “hate bugs”, because there’s not much to love about these bugs!

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