Family Farm


Copper Crow Farm is located in the southern part of Mississippi where the climate can get pretty darn hot during the summer and just smoother you in humidity, but our autumn season is to die for with mild temperatures and great fall foliage.  That is when our whole family loves to get out and enjoy hayrides, hiking on nature trails and working in our gardens.


The farm is a work-in-progress as the guys build and shape the land into our own little slice of country living.  The guys I speak of are my husband, aka Mr. Green Jeans, and my father, aka Farmer Fred.  Together these two guys have transformed a wooded area full of pine trees and underbrush and molded the land into beautiful pasture lands and fields.  There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are already able to reap the benefits of their hard labor.  This week we are finally breaking ground on our farm house and we are very excited to get that on its way.

Copper Crow Farm is 280 acres of lush southern pine tree forest.  It was originally owned by the International Paper Company who harvested the trees for manufacturing paper products.  When the mill  closed several years ago, we were fortunate enough to purchase the land at auction.

Tpost10he land might not have mountain views or tranquil lakes but it does offer natural scenic beauty.  We enjoy using the four-wheeler to ride through the trails.  The forest is so quiet.  The only sounds that can be heard are those from the pine trees and woodland birds as the winds blow through the forest.  The sound creates a whisper as the pines sway back and forth conversing amongst themselves.  I just love it.

Besides offering great wildlife and birds for watching, it also has fireflies which I haven’t seen since I was a child.  Their presence and the beautiful sounds of the forest fill our lives with a calm serenity we could never find in the city.  How much we will have to sacrifice by giving up city conveniences remains to be seen.

Farmer Fred and his two grand daughters, M.L. and S.P.

Farmer Fred and his two grand daughters, M.L. and S.P.  feeding the horses.


We planted a field with over 300 Crape Mrytle. Beautiful!

We planted a field with over 300 Crape Mrytle. Beautiful!


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