Welcome to My Blog!

My name is Dona and I along with my husband and two beautiful girls are making the move from city life to farm living.  I expect it to be an adventure filled with chaos, hard work and the unexpected.  I look forward to the chance to nurture my love for all things southern and move towards a simpler life where the kids can chase fireflies and we can sit on the front porch drinking a glass of sweet tea.  I hope to use this blog as an outlet to document our move through pictures and storytelling to help preserve the memories of our new life on the family farm.

post111  Why the name “Pine trees and Sweet tea”?  I feel it describes life in the South.  Not like “Gone with the Wind” type of South (but who didn’t love Scarlett’s dresses?)  It’s more of a simpler South,  full of Magnolia trees and pecan pie or fireflies and pumpkin pie.  (can you tell I love pie?).  Living down South just feels right to me.  Where else can you find such great hospitality.  No true southerner has ever met a stranger.  Here, conversation just flows effortlessly. while folks sip iced tea served in a mason jar.  Where else can the incorrect pronoun “Y’all” be so accepted that no one thinks any differently.


We take our monograms very seriously.  Everything gets monogrammed.  It’s like our Coat of Arms.  We’re also partial to boiled peanuts, grandpas in seersucker suits,  and drinking cold beer in a “huggie”.  Our men, for some reason. love to fry whole turkeys for Thanksgiving.  Down here, cowboy boots can go with almost any attire and camouflage is considered acceptable on anything from purses, to ladies’ dresses and covers for our ATV’s.  That’s right, almost all southerners own some sort of  “alternate terrain vehicle” ’cause you just never know when you might have the need to drive off-road.post9(pic. of Farmer Fred with grand daughter, S.P.)

I want to have fun with this blog.  I welcome any comments or remarks and would love to hear from you.  So sit a spell and come share our adventures with us so you can laugh along as we navigate our uncharted transformation to farm living –  Southern style!

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